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dark chocolate egg in a white scalloped bowl on a light green background
a broken dark chocolate egg reveals pieces of dark chocolate-covered candied ginger pieces a white plate speckled with black dots
black text on a white background that reads, "72% dark chocolate egg with dark chocolate-covered candied ginger Ingredients: Cocoa Nibs, Sugar, Cocoa  Butter, Candied Ginger (ginger, sugar,  sodium metabisulphite). May contain traces  of Nuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Peanuts,  Wheat, Sesame Seeds and Eggs. 45g Happily Made in Orillia, Ontario"

dark chocolate egg 72%

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72% single origin dark chocolate shell hides candied ginger pieces coated in the same dark chocolate as the shell (criollo cocoa beans from Cuyagua, Venezuela)

tasting notes: complex chocolate flavour with notes of spice

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