a toasted old fashion bar lies on a piece of white barn board
yellow background with black text that reads, "sitting at a cozy dark bar in Toronto sipping a toasted old fashioned. BarChef maple whiskey old fashioned dark chocolate (with a buckthorn twist) bar."
Bronze award recognition from the 2021-22 International Chocolate Awards, America competition
White label with black text that reads, "Old Fashioned dark chocolate with a twist of buckthorn   80g Ingredients: Cocoa Nibs, Sugar, Cocoa  Butter, Sea Buckthorn Berries,Whisky,  Maple Syrup, Spices. Contains Alcohol. May contain traces of Nuts, Tree Nuts,  Peanuts, Wheat, Sesame Seeds and Eggs.    Happily Made in Orillia, Ontario DWNchocolate.com"

Old Fashioned dark chocolate bar with a twist of buckthorn

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cocoa nibs from Venezuela infused with BarChef's Toasted Old Fashioned maple whiskey cocktail and garnished with a twist of buckthorn

*Bronze Winner 2021-22 International Chocolate Awards, America competition*