the bar that started it all

One day I decided that I wanted to open a chocolate company. Actually the idea percolated for about five years. I had almost eight years of chocolate making and chocolatiering under my belt and I felt that it was time to venture out with my own creations.
The first goal was to develop six items to make up the launch menu. In 2019, I took two professional development classes to level up my skills. On the first day of Mackenzie Rivers' class on craft chocolate the students had to choose three types of chocolate to make. It was decided that we would make a dairy-free ginger chocolate, a hazelnut milk chocolate and a sesame white chocolate.
That sesame white chocolate recipe became the jumping off point for the sesame chocolate chip bar. This chocolate bar was inspired by my favourite New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe. I wanted the chocolate bar to have the same salty, umami baked flavour that I get from the cookie and six attempts later, I was ready to release the chocolate bar into the world. The sesame white chocolate base gets a bit of help from caramelized milk chocolate and brown butter to achieve the sensation of a baked good. Madagascar nibs take the place of chocolate chips while Canadian sea salt is used as the final garnish.

This chocolate bar remains the best-selling DWN chocolate bar. On the eve of DWN's first anniversary, I would like to thank everyone for taking this journey with me. As a business owner, I feel like every bar and tumble is a little piece of me going out into the world.