summer lovin'

When I drive from the factory to downtown Orillia on Friday nights, I can tell that summer is still in full swing from the amount of traffic on Highway 12 heading towards Couchiching Lake.

I recently created a video on how we ship chocolate in warm weather. By paying attention to the forecast, day of the week and careful packaging, we have been successful at getting chocolate across the county in the summer.

First, we will always ship with Canada Post's expedited service which does not take more than two business days to arrive. We will ship on a Monday or Tuesday so that the package will not spend extra days over the weekend in a warehouse, as well as watching the weather forecasts to avoid shipping on super hot or humid days.

Finally, we turn the shipping box into a cooler by insulating it with bubble wrap, adding an ice pack (packed in its own bubble envelope to catch condensation) and by taping all of the box sides to prevent hot air from entering.

No need to sweat those summer orders! And if you visit us at an outdoor market, don't forget your insulated bag or take advantage of the chocolate valet service.