I am cacao for you

The countdown to Valentine's Day has begun. Whether you want to express your love to your significant other, a close friend, or even yourself, we have a number of fun ideas to help you say "I love you." 

Our raspberry toffee bar has been a favourite among our customers since its release three years ago. We're thrilled to announce that starting this year, we are making the raspberry chocolate in-house. We've also reintroduced the heart-shaped marshmallows, which are strawberry flavoured and dipped in our milk chocolate.

For a more playful twist, try our conversation hearts or heartbreaker, both of which come in a dairy-free version.

If you prefer a more classic gift, we have salted caramels dipped in milk or dark chocolate, as well as a limited edition Valentine's Day bonbon collection. And, if you visit our retail store on February 13th or 14th, we'll have a limited quantity of chocolate-dipped strawberries available.

Show your heart with the gift of chocolate