how to categorize the DWN fruit bars

The last blog post addressed the topic of white chocolate and it was determined that white chocolate is 'real' chocolate when it contains cocoa butter because it is a bi-product of the cocoa bean.

The math: white chocolate = cocoa butter + sugar + milk powder 

The creation of fruit-based chocolate requires similar math, but often the milk powder can be omitted to create dairy-free chocolate. I love making fruit bars because the fruit powder does the majority of the heavy lifting in the flavour and colour of the chocolate bar. 

fruit chocolate = cocoa butter + sugar + freeze-dried fruit powder 

I live in Canada so the access to freshly grown fruit is limited to the warmer months. To ensure that we have can make the fruit bars all year round means purchasing the fruit in peak season and freeze drying.

If you have never tried a DWN fruit-based chocolate bar, the strawberry and sumac, as well as the cassis cardamom are the two best sellers.