cozy up with this year’s festive indulgences and gift ideas

The warming smell of holiday spices have been swirling around  the factory for the last two months in preparation for the upcoming holidays. We are delighted to share this year's seasonal additions.

Returning this year is the eggnog bar; rum-soaked cocoa nibs ground into a spiced mylk chocolate. Cranberry powder and juniper-infused cocoa butter are ground with cocoa nibs to create the cranberry juniper orange bar, garnished with candied orange pieces to create an explosion of seasonal flavours. Both bars are naturally dairy-free as well as our other seasonal favourites; the black forest bar, the dark chocolate spearmint bar and the forest bar.

In the fall, we created two flavours that have become pretty popular and will stick around for a while. The cinnamon toast bar is a rich cinnamony milk chocolate with crispy biscuit pieces and a white chocolate drizzle. Our pumpkin spice latte bar is a combination of spiced pumpkin chocolate layered with cinnamon white chocolate.

This year's seasonal tumble are the gingerbread malt balls — house-made milk chocolate spiced with cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice, nutmeg and cardamom enrobe crispy malt balls.

A handful of 
advent calendars, including a dairy-free option, are eagerly waiting to kickstart their December countdown in your home.