Charcuterie platters are all the rage right now; not only are they available from local restaurants but there are tons of people on social media marketplaces offering to create one for your next event. These platters are great for snacking and typically consist of a variety of cheeses, fruit and cured meats.

The first chocolate dessert charcuterie platter using DWN chocolate was made by my friend Theodora who was (finally!) having friends over in the summer. Her platter consisted of two-types of chocolate-covered almonds, some chocolate-covered hazelnuts, a sesame chocolate chip bar, a caramelized hazelnut bar, a rhubar and an Earl Grey lavender bar. It was a hit with her guests!

As you start making holiday plans with friends and family, consider making your own chocolate dessert platter. Your platter should be a combination of shapes, flavours and textures; food in bowls, shards of chocolate and an easy ganache for dipping fruit. I like to put chocolate-covered nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) in bowls. I like using malt balls as an interesting and nostalgic texture item. Then I would suggest a variety of chocolate bar flavours; one dark, one milk, one or two flavoured. The final touch is a bowl of dark chocolate ganache to dip your favourite fruit and holiday cookies.

Dark Chocolate Ganache
200 grams of dark chocolate (the best that you can afford)
2 tablespoons of butter
300 ml 35% cream
pinch of salt
  1. Set a bowl over a pot of boiling water
  2. Break up the chocolate and add it to the bowl
  3. Warm up the 35% cream and pour it over the chocolate
  4. Whisk together the melted chocolate and warm cream until the entire mixture is smooth
  5. Whisk in the butter and salt until everything is combined
The ganache can be served warm or at room temperature. If there is any leftover ganache, it can be stored in the fridge and eaten with a spoon.