a bowl of rhuby raspberry malt balls sit in a bowl on top of a pile of rhubarb with a few malt balls cut in half to show the cross section
white background with DWN sun logo and text that reads, "limited edition. rhuby raspberry maltballs. 100g"
white label with black writing that reads, "rhuby raspberry malt balls Ingredients: Malt Balls [Corn Syrup, Sugar,  Dairy Blend (Whey, Whey Protein Concentrate),  Malt Powder (Malted Barley, Wheat, Milk,  Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Sodium Bicarbonate,  Salt), Malted Barley, Soy Lecithin, Salt], Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Buttermilk  Powder, Freeze-dried Rhubarb.  Contains: Milk, Soy and Wheat.   May contain traces of Nuts, Tree Nuts,  Peanuts and Sesame Seeds.   Happily Made in Orillia, Ontario"

rhuby raspberry malt balls

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crispy malt ball surrounded by a layer of raspberry chocolate and a second layer of house-made rhubarb white chocolate