single origin chocolate

Single origin refers to cacao beans grown in a single country, often from a specific farm or plantation. Similar to wine and coffee, cacao exhibit terroir based on where they are grown. Factors such as soil composition, terrain, micro-organisms, humidity, flora, and fauna contribute to the unique characteristics of a piece of land, as well as the historical cultivation practices in the region.

Each cacao bean possesses a distinct personality, with variations between beans from different regions and growing seasons. Throughout the chocolate-making process, the aim is to bring out the unique and delightful characteristics that each cacao variety holds.

DWN always two single origin dark chocolate bars in-stock; 80% Tanzania and 76% Peru. Additionally, when we come across unique beans, we also make limited-edition bars. Currently we have the Pataxte Mexico Bicolor and 85% Ghana.

Often described as travelling without leaving home, chocolate tasting kits offer a wonderful opportunity to sample various single origins from countries that produce cacao. This showcase of dark chocolate includes a guide that helps you understand the art of chocolate tasting, provides insights into the chocolate-making process, and presents tasting notes for the chocolate bars included in the kit.